Writing a Research Proposal

The research proposal is probably the most important part of your PhD application. It showcases your research skills, creativity and originality! Usually between 1500-3000 words, depending on what the requirements are (mine was 2000 words). When you think about it, it’s actually not a lot to showcase your whole research idea so you have to … Continue reading Writing a Research Proposal

Time Management

I recently attended a workshop titled "time management for academics". I was rather reluctant at first since I was used to people preaching the importance of time management but never actually making it practically useful. However, this workshop was a game changer. Not only did it give practical tips and tricks for efficient management of … Continue reading Time Management

PhD application tips

Applying for PhDs can be a daunting process. It entails a number of elements which you need to think about carefully. Research proposal, personal statement, choosing supervisors, funding options and referees are common aspects which you need to complete when applying for PhDs. However, planning well and understanding what makes a good PhD application will … Continue reading PhD application tips